Find new talent. Develop talent within your organization.

Workforce Development

Competency in cybersecurity compes from those who truly know cybersecurity.

Companies, organizations, our government, and the military all urgently need capable cyber warriors. Our team is dedicated to assisting all who want to finally solve their cyber security skills gap. We are constantly educating and providing hands on skills development for new students who seek to enter the world of professional cyber security and those who seek to advance their knowledge and careers by refreshing their knowledge to adding new skills.

We also offer our partners the ability to find their own candidates and our tea will upskill those candidates to meet their company's specofoc requirements. This also includes transitional education for teams changing roles, technologies, or methodologies.

Communities we serve

  • Veterans seeking transition into private sector cyber security jobs
  • Professionals seeking a refresh or career transition into cyber security
  • Companies seeking new cyber security talent
  • job seekers seeking placement into cyber security employment
  • entities seeking to develop task forces
  • state and local governments
  • colleges, universities, and school districts
  • military and federal government entities
  • law enforcement

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