Our boot camps are designed to help you acquire skills quickly.

An integrated learning experience.

Boot Camps

A fast track to develop cybersecurity skills.

We deliver boot camps that enable people of all skill levels to learn together while maximizing the education and experience for each individual. Cyber security is a complex area of expertise. Each person starts at a different point. Traditional methods of education have proven to be unsatisfactory.

Our boot camps are structured to allow each participant from newb to jedi to engage, learn, mentor, and benefit from the event. Our high impact, vibrant, rich in content boot camps enable both broad and discreet learning. Our continuous improvement process (CIP) ensures our boot camps always remain engaging and educational.

We leverage our relationships with industry, The Arizona Cyber Warfare Range, government and military entities, and educational institutions. Working together collaboratively we develop, refine, and deliver an unmatched experience for our participants. We work diligently to ensure that all of our boot camps offer the most value to every participant regardless of their level of expertise.

Our most popular boot camps:

Cyber incidents/Incident response - we have a number of real-world scenarios that are dynamic and constructed to maximize the realistic experience for your entire organization. C-level to technicians. The primary goal of these scenarios is to exercise your team, your run books, and walk everyone through working together with practical/hands-on exercises. The secondary goal is to raise awareness of the exact experience, flow, and resolution of cyber incidents.

Read Team / Blue Team - a small cyber war between the read team (attackers) and the Blue Team (defenders). This boot camp offers the ability to participate as a single team or as a smaller team in an n-way competition. Modelled on our forthcoming hacking league, these boot camps are an excellent way to experience, learn, observe, and mentor your team's participants into a cohesive, effective, and highly capable cyber warrior. We have conducted our Red Team / Blue Team boot camps for individuals, companies, the military, law enforcement, and others since 2012.

Malware - learn about malware, develop it, see it action, learn how to hunt it and remediate the damage.

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