Time well spent.

We craft our conferences to maximize value for everyone in attendance. Sponsors, vendors, speakers, and attendees.

We also introduced the idea of the All-Conference. Every conference has a carved out area for attendees of other conferences to continue their work / collaboration.


Maximized value to everyone who attends.

Your time is valuable and limited. Make the most of your time by engaging with our highly relevant conferences. Remaining at the forefront of the world of cyber security / cyber warfare is a challenge not easily met. Our partnerships, alliances, and subject matter experts work together constantly to empower cyber warriors of all level of expertise to gain significant value.

All of our conferences are multi-track. Those are;

  • education - learn new skills and methodologies and immediately apply them with hands on experience
  • networking - connect with the cyber security community. This includes the leaders of today, and tomorrow
  • job hunting - meet employers, vetted recruiters, and companies seeking capable cyber warriors
  • competitions - demonstrate your / your team's skills in a fun and friendly competition

Attend in person or remotely

All of our conferences are designed for attendees who visit or are accessing the conference remotely. It is important to stay connected, therefore we make it easy to attend even when travel is impossible.

Behold the all conference

Conferences today are typically only annual events. Many engage in activities that are necessary to continue throughout the year. This typically results in poor cohesion. We have introduced the idea of the all conference. This means that every conference we hold will include space for people who have attended other conferences to get back together and continue their work relating to those other conferences.

All of our events will include an all conference pass option where people may elect to come to our conference to continue their work relating to other conferences. These passes will be exclusive to our all conference areas and do not grant access to the conference activities we are holding. The all conference passes are simply us facilitating greater collaboration with the greater cyber security community. If you hold other security conferences, we would love to collaborate with your organization to make the all conference an idea to be included in everyone's conferences.

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